Music XML to BMML conversion

Now you can convert a Music XML file into a bmml file. This means that now your Music XML file can be opened using BME2 or BMR for Braille reading.

How do I...

  1. Press "browse" button.
  2. Select the Music XML file you want to convert.
  3. Press "upload" button.
  4. The programme will show the list of parts of your Music XML file.
  5. At this point you must select one part at a time. You will then have a window where you must specify some characteristics of your part, such as: instrument, transposition, chord direction, clef.
  6. The same operation must be repeated for each of the parts. You can also skipe step 5 and 6. In this case the programme will use default values. For example, chords will always be represented starting from the highest note.
  7. Press "convert" button.
  8. Wait until you see the message "download converted file". This may take some time if the file to convert is a big file.

Upload Music XML file for conversion.